15th WCEH 2018

Friday 23rd

Friday 23 March 2018




Environmental health in the South Pacific – looking to the future       

0900 – 0945

Public and Environmental Health History – a novel approach to comprehensive review and promotion

Sara Tajnikar, Institute of Public and Environmental Health    


0945 – 1030

Continuing Competence in the dynamic environmental health profession

Belinda Davies, Queensland University of Technology, Australia    


1030 - 1100

Morning Tea


1100 – 1130

Healthy Tonga Environments Project Capacity Building Health Inspectors in Tonga

Malcom Walker, Hew Consultants Ltd, New Zealand    


1130 - 1200

What can be achieved through a twinning programme

Amanda Hutchings, Darling Downs Hospital and Health Service, Australia


1200 - 1230

Congress Close and Handover

Darryl Thompson President NZIEH

Barry Archer outgoing IFEH President

Selva Mudaly incoming IFEH President


1230 - 1330



1330 - 1500




 Field Trip 3


Environmental Health – future considerations

 Water and Waste

1330 - 1400

The effect of environmental biodiversity on  human skin microbial health Danica-lea Larcombe, Edith Cowan University, Australia      


1400 - 1430

Estimation of population exposure  to PM2.5 in Korea by simulation model Prof. Kiyoung Lee, Seoul National University, South Korea    


1430 - 1500

Dragonfly nymphs as potential biological control against mosquito larvae

Dr Siti Nurhafizah Saleeza Ramlee, Cyberjaya College University of Medical Sciences, Malaysia


Congress Close

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