15th WCEH 2018

Wednesday 21st

Wednesday 21 March 2018




Environmental Health in the South Pacific – Public Health, Food Safety and Biosecurity

0900 – 0945

The changing face of disease in the Pacific

Ministry of Health, New Zealand    


0945 – 1030

Global Health – implications for Environmental Health

Ministry of Health, New Zealand    


1030 - 1100

Morning Tea

1100 – 1130

When things go wrong – managing the issues

David Yard, Senior Response Manager, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand


1130 - 1200

Food safety in New Zealand – an overview

Sally Johnston, Manager Food and Beverage, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand


1200 - 1230

Food safety – being a co-regulator

1230 - 1330


1330 - 1700





Field Trip 1


Food Safety

 Public Health

Natural Disasters in New Zealand

  1330 - 1400

Improving Food Safety Outcomes
Ms Belinda Davies, Queensland University of Technology, Australia    

Ebola in Sierra Leone: A Journey as an EHO
Harold Figuero, Metro South Public Health Unit, Australia    


1400 - 1430

Sous Vide pasteurisation of eggs: a simple method to produce eggs free from Salmonella contaminationDr Harriet Whiley, Flinders University, Australia

Gold Mining and acute respiratory infections in children – a retrospective cohort study in Fiji

Mr Saula Matakarawa, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

1430 - 1500

Formal education of future food handlers – capacity to handle food safety issuesDr Andrej Ovca, University Of Ljubljana, Slovenia    

Drinking water supply, sanitation and hygiene promotion health interventions in two slum communities in Uganda

Dr David Musoke, Makerere University School of Public Health, Uganda    

1500 - 1530

Afternoon Tea

1530 - 1600

The role of local authorities, food handler and community in food premises management in urban country

Mr Khairil Anuar Mohamed, Ampang Jaya Municipal Council, Malaysia    

Characterising contaminant exposure scenarios for indigenous populationsMs Emmylou Cooke, Ventia Utility Services, Australia    

1600 - 1630

Food Safe: A Quality Assurance Framework for Food Safety Regulatory activities by Auckland Council

Mitesh Mudaliar,

Environmental Health Unit, Licensing & Regulatory Compliance, Auckland Council     

Environmental Health  v clinical approaches: Controlling Strongyloides stercoralis as an illustration

Dr Kirstin Ross, Flinders University, Australia    

1630 – 1700 Marae Food Safety, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand

Use of Geographical Information Systems for mosquito surveillance


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